Flow of Online Application
Describes how to register for a visit online.
Application for Visit
Apply for approval to visit an imperial site.
Confirm of Permit for Visit
Check application information provided online.(Requires login.)
Get Members' List Sample
Download a members' list file.
Register Members' Information
Upload a members' list file. (Requires login.)
Flow of Online Application
Follow these steps to apply online. Click each step for an explanation of what to do for that step.
1. Select the Place and Cource
Step 1Select the Place Step 2Select the Course
2. Select the Date and Time
Step 3Select the Month Step 4Select the Date
3. Enter the Information for the Representative
Step 5Enter the Information for
the Representative
4. Enter the Members' Information
Step 6Select the Registration Method Step 7Enter the Members' Information
5. Review and Complete Your Application
Step 8Review Entered Information Step 9Proceed to the "Application Complete"
6. Send Members' List (if you selected "register later")
Send Members' List
7. Receive Permit for Visit
Receive Permit for Visit