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This F.A.Q provides answers to frequently asked questions.
Question Can I only apply for a visit online?
Ansewr No. As in the past, you can also apply in person. (For more information, see the "Application Guidelines for Visit".)
Question What should I do if the composition of our group changes after we apply for a visit?
Ansewr Your group information cannot be changed. Contact the Visitor Office for more information.
Visit to the Imperial Palace 03-5223-8071(Direct Line)
Visit to Kyoto/Kyoto Sento Imperial Palace and Katsura/Shugakuin Imperial Villa 075-211-1215(Direct Line)
Question Since I'm applying for a group, I need to upload the group file on the "Send Members' List" page but am unable to do so.

Check the following:

  1. Have you downloaded the file from the "Get Members' List Sample" page? Are you using that file?
  2. When entering your information into the downloaded file, haven't you used an application software such as Excel and saved the file in that format(e.g.".xls")? (Only ".csv" file can be uploaded.)
Question What browsers are recommended for viewing this site?
Ansewr The Imperial Household Agency recommends the following browsers:
: Microsoft Internet Explorer newest version
: Microsoft Edge newest version
: FireFox newest version
: Google Chrome newest version
: Safari newest version
Question How can I download a members' list sample?
Ansewr See "How to Get members' list sample" on the "Get Members' List Sample" page.
Question What is "SSL"?
Ansewr SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is an encryption technology that ensures the confidentiality of data such as personal information as it is sent over the Internet. Some pages on this site require a secure connection, so be sure that you have enabled this functionality on your browser. (You will be unable to load those pages if your browser isn't configured to allow secure connections.)
For more information about how to setup your browser, see "SSL Settings."
Question The selection page of the visit hope day cannot be displayed.
Ansewr See "How to Cookie settings " on the "Cookie settings" page.
Question Representative's input page cannot be displayed.
Ansewr See "How to Configuring your internet connection" on the "Configuring Your Internet Connection" page.
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