Choose the place you wish to visit blank Choose the course you wish to join blank Choose the month you desire for your visit blank Choose the date you desire for your visit blank Input information concerning representative and party blank Confirm blank Your application has been accepted

**On the process of “confirmation of your application” 
once you confirm your data, please do not forget to click “Apply” button.
Then your application number (12 digit number) will be displayed.
And you must wait for the lottery result which will be e-mailed to you
within a few days.

If you block unwanted emails, please configure the settings to receive emails from both and

If you are selected, a 9 digit permit number will be sent to you.
With this permit number, your entry to the villa is ensured.

1.Visitors must be 18 years or older.

2.You must fill out the application form. Applicant’s full name, age, gender and
home address (including house number and postal code), or passport number instead of the
home address are required on the form. If the input information is incorrect or insufficient,
your application will be automatically rejected by our lottery system. Proxy application is not

3.Once a nine-digit permit number is given, you are not able to apply for
another date and time in the same month.
If you wish to change your date and time, please call or mail us to cancel
the permit number. Then you are able to make a new application.

4.Proxy application is not acceptable.

5.Visitors are not allowed to enter the building.
Before applying, please be sure to read the above.
Please choose the month to wish June July August September